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Dandelion Puppets is probably the only children's entertainer to bring the excitement of nature and wildlife into your home.

Children love to learn about nature whether they live in the middle of town or deep in the countryside.

These humorous tales are aimed at 3 - 8 year olds who are encouraged to talk to the animals and ask questions.
 Is it a WILD creature or a glove puppet?
Can they can help the hedgehog find enough food to fatten up for his winter sleep?

Think of a clever way to stop the man cutting down the tree where the owl and the woodpecker live.

They are amazed to see the caterpillar change into a beautiful butterfly.
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We can run a whole 2 hour party, including music, traditional games and fun prizes.

Puppet making workshops are also available using recycled materials.

Ask about walkabouts with the walking tree!!

Shows are half an hour long and vary according to the season. Puppets and theatre are hand made in felt, hessian and calico.

Suitable for Birthday parties, Schools, playgroups, Fetes, Fairs and Festivals.

Phone: (01273) 857482

Sheila Marshall (Equity member)
Oak cottage
The Street
Nr Brighton
BN45 7AQ